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Who is Labrador

About Us


years of experience in the data industry

Labrador Technologies is a Calgary-based company with over 37 years of experience in the data industry.

From small investment firms, to Fortune 500 Energy giants, our technologies have helped clients save time, trim costs, and increase productivity since 1981.

We continue to push the boundaries with innovative technology to support and enhance the ability for companies to gain insight, analyze data, and visualize financial returns.

Labrador Technologies Inc. is a publicly traded company on the TSX Venture (TSXV: LTX)

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Company Timeline

Our Story


Labrador Technologies Inc. was founded by Ronald Sterne in Calgary, Alberta on January 6, 1981. Late in 1981, Petroleum History Database (PHD) was released for commercial use in the Oil & Gas industry to retrieve and visualize historical production data on wells for Engineers.


Initial release of Interactive Database Exploration Analysis (IDEA) for commercial use in the Oil & Gas industry for exploration analysis utilized by Geologists


Release of Petro-LAB for commercial use in the Oil & Gas industry to facilitate users, across disciplines, to query data from different databases, including proprietary data, and visualize the results on a map. Canadian Rights were sold for Petro-LAB in 2005 by Labrador. Petro-LAB is still in use today.


Release of eTriever for commercial use in the Oil & Gas industry for Labrador’s first web-based query and visualization of Production data. What followed was web-based query and visualization of Well data, Land data, Pipelines & Facilities data, Environmental Incident information, as well as proprietary databases.


Development of wellTriever, Labrador’s first map-based, webbased, query and reporting software for commercial use in the Oil & Gas industry


Development of wellTriever to specialize in visualizing proprietary Oil & Gas financial information in a map-based context to position the Company for expansion of map-based financial visualization into other industries and sectors.


Began careful investigation of other industry sectors, such as wind, solar, and cannabis for wellTriever’s map-based visualization and financial reporting at locations of interest.


In March, Labrador announced its plan to focus on technology directly in the cannabis community, specializing in analysis of data from all industry participants and providing actionable insights back to the community.

Data is energy of unprecedented proportion. It is the fuel that powers technologies to transform the way we live. Since 1981, Labrador has been in the data business. Our vision is to arm business communities with data’s
power of transformation.

Ron Sterne, Chief Executive Officer
Labrador Technologies

Where we specialize

Our Focus

Integrating Data

Although every data integration issue is unique, there exists recurring patterns amongst the solutions to those problems. Labrador is accumulating a collection of building blocks that capture those patterns. These building blocks are comprised of both software and methodology.

Data Collection

Proprietary data collection technology will allow for the efficient and seamless collection of multiple data sets by various user types in emerging industries.

Data Housing

Efficient housing for multiple data sets collected by various stakeholders.

Data Visualization

Layering public and private data sets to provide a visual representation of multiple data sets.

Descriptive Analytics

Actionable insights derived from multiple data sets that allow customers to improve efficiencies and better manage assets.

Predictive Analytics

The analysis of multiple tiers of public and proprietary data sets that extrapolate recommendations based on quantitative data – Labrador’s first application of predictive analytics will be in the cannabis space.

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350, 229 – 11th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2G 0Y1


1-877-990-DATA (3282)


(403) 264-0771

Labrador Technologies Inc. is a publicly traded company on the TSX Venture (TSXV: LTX)
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