Since 1981 ...

Labrador Technologies has been helping clients, from small investment firms to Fortune 500 Energy Giants, save time, trim costs and increase productivity. Today, we do this better than ever through web-based mapping, querying and reporting.

Providing live access to current (public and proprietary) Oil & Gas data sources, in a robust and responsive web-mapping environment, has always been a challenge... until now.

eTrieverâ„¢ Overview Video

Labrador Technologies is pleased to present a video that features the functionality of our mobile/desktop product, eTrieverâ„¢. By watching this short video you can discover how to search for and visualize Oil & Gas information faster and more conveniently from anywhere you can access the internet. See for yourself how eTriever's convenience can help you make faster, better decisions, with constant access to the best current data in the business.


H. RONALD STERNE Early Warning Report Issued Pursuant to National Instrument 62-103 in Respect of the Acquisition of Securities of Labrador Technologies Inc.

July 28, 2016
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