Labrador Technologies Inc | Directors Create Option Pool for Staff
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Directors Create Option Pool for Staff

Labrador Technologies Directors Create Option Pool for Staff

Labrador Technologies Inc. (“Labrador” or the “Corporation”) (TSXV: “LTX”) announces that its President, Directors and two consultants have surrendered an aggregate of 5,000,000 stock options (“Options”) enabling Labrador to have access to an additional 5,000,000 Options to incentivize Labrador’s current and future staff, as well as others working closely with the Corporation. Said Labrador President, Ron Sterne, “Our Board of Directors took this unusual measure because, in the long history of Labrador, we have never had so many new members to our team, who believe so passionately in Labrador and its recently expanded vision. They view our share options as the true value they are intended to provide, in accordance with Labrador’s stock option plan.” The previous Options will be cancelled and returned to the stock option plan of the Corporation to issue as it sees fit, under the polices of the TSX Venture Exchange.

About Labrador Technologies
Labrador Technologies is a Calgary, Alberta based software development firm providing mapbased solutions for industries seeking a visual interpretation of financial reporting. Over the past six months, Labrador has expanded its vision beyond Oil & Gas to include the cannabis industry.
For more information contact:
Ms. Kelby Price
T: 403-613-2511
E: [email protected]

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