In the world of Data-Flow Management™, the fundamental task is to get usable information into the hands of business users.

Such information is distilled from raw data that can be scattered across an organization, held in repositories in many locations using different storage technologies.

Although every data integration problem is unique, there exist recurring patterns among the solutions to those problems. Over the course of doing business, Labrador has accumulated a collection of building blocks that capture those patterns. These building blocks are comprised of both software and methodology.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Architecture

"SaaS adoption is being driven by businesses' pursuit of cost savings and quicker implementations…"

- Ben Pring, Research Vice President, Gartner Inc, January 2009

eTriever's SaaS Benefits:

  • Multi-tenant architecture providing Better, Cheaper, Faster services
  • Increased flexibility, scalability, accessibility, and ease of use
  • Significant reduction of training, implementation, and support expenses
  • No in-house development

Web Applications

Business users now tend to turn to the Web when they need information. As a result, there is a growing movement of end-user applications away from the desktop toward the web.


  • The web is the first place that users look when they need information
  • Web services are universally accessible and can be consumed from any platform
  • The standards that govern web services have widespread acceptance
  • Unlike desktop applications, web applications can deliver the value proposition of their suppliers without embellishments such as fancy user interfaces, reporting tools, etc.