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What We Offer



eTriever™ is a secure, Web-based, generic data browser and query tool. Users are empowered with the proven strengths of LTI’s experience to access the most current data available, with all of the compelling features of the Web 2.0 framework.


wellTriever is a map-based data retriever & visualizer. One user interface provides access to both public and proprietary data, specializing in financial Reporting.

Cannabis Industry

Cannaverse is purposed to transform the legal cannabis industry. By collecting data from a cross-section of well incented industry participants, and sanitizing the data’s proprietary nature to protect its secrets, Cannaverse’s artificial intelligence will derive unique, actionable insights for consumers, businesses, and medical researchers. As a result, all parties in the cannabis industry can connect through Cannaverse to glean crucial, practical intelligence, while being compensated through its innovative rewards system, which encourages and remunerates valuable data input – the greater the value, the greater the reward.

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